June 20, 2021

Welcome to Retirement Commentaries

Welcome to Retirement Commentaries

I always assumed there’d be more to my retirement than calculating how much money I’d need, estimating expenses, and figuring out the best age to start. Important, for sure, but I understood numbers alone wouldn’t build my life in retirement.

Still, I never imagined just how much would change.

Welcome to Retirement Commentaries, where I’ll share my stories on a potpourri of topics that I’ve found were like secrets waiting to be uncovered – the flip side you don't always see – and not usually discussed with retirement.

But I'd like to change that.

For example, I never imagined being stumped at this stage in my life by such fundamental questions as “Who am I now?” and “What makes me tick?” Or even the mundane “What are you doing today?”

Stumbling upon these questions and searching for new answers has been both unsettling and rewarding rolled into one.

So, I hope you’ll find my commentaries interesting, perhaps sharing a common thread with your own life – retired, soon-to-be, or not. But, most of all, I hope my stories might help you find encouragement and inspiration, even in surprising places.

© Judith Nadratowski 2021

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash