About Me and How to Reach Me

Retiring from a career I loved and built from scratch was a leap of faith I decided to make because I knew there was more I still needed to start.

And I've learned a lot along the way – including how little we share about what changes beyond a paycheck after we retire. Retirement was different, with more changes happening than any other change I'd made in my 60+-year life.

So, I decided to share my stories about the topics no one seems to talk about when discussing retirement because I believe knowledge is always better. Perhaps what I've learned might help you find some of the changes more manageable – or at least not feel off-kilter. After all, while a great opportunity and a privilege, figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life isn't simple, so why not be as prepared as you can be?

I'd enjoy hearing from you, including topics you're interested in reading about. Please email me at: mailto:judi@retirementcommentaries.com